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A Few Statistics

Countries Reached

150 countries outside the United States have currently connected with Still Standing through our Facebook page.


A combined 1,504 likes and followers from our social media platforms comprise our current social support (with some overlap).

Survivor Stories

We have empowered these survivors to empower themselves through a different perspective: our Accomplishments Twist. Learn more on our Survivor Stories page!

Team Members

The core of Still Standing currently consists of 6 dedicated volunteer individuals who work to celebrate and empower sexual assault survivors and their stories. Read more about them!

How We Got Here

  • Former Lindenwood University professor Jennifer Lorentz approached our founder in October 2012 with an idea. She wanted to celebrate and empower sexual assault survivors during Lindenwood’s annual day of workshops, Sibley Day. She had the unique idea to utilize what sexual assault survivors knew best: their stories.

    Sexual assault survivors would share their stories of assault on 20×30 foam boards and then, essentially, add a ‘but’ to the end of their story with a focus on all of their accomplishments, both “big” and “small”, effectively helping survivors to realize they are “still standing” no matter where they are on the journey to healing.

    Over the course of the next four months before its debut Still Standing underwent the processes of creation and recreation several times before it was finally presented to the eyes of Lindenwood students, faculty, staff, and Saint Charles, Missouri community members.

  • Four months of creation, reformation, preparation, and nine courageous survivors later, Still Standing debuted the empowering stories of two men and seven women in the J. Scheidegger Center for Fine and Performing Arts on Lindenwood’s main campus. A mass of students, faculty, staff,  and Saint Charles community members (and even a few of the participating survivors themselves) came to know the strength, perseverance, courage, and will behind every sexual assault survivor. It quickly became clear that our mission was not only accomplished, but needed.

  • Still Standing’s recognition began the day of its debut with those who came to view the survivor boards and news coverage by LUTV which aired on its TV channel that afternoon.

    Two months later Still Standing participated in the Lindenwood Student Research Symposium and Exposition (SRSE) and received two awards: Second place in the Undergraduate Degree category for the School of Human Services, and the “People’s Choice Award” (voted on by those in attendance for best presentation).

    Still Standing has gone on to participate in a student documentary, a student talk show, a Sexual Assault Awareness Month event, and exhibited in multiple states, including the National Sexual Assault Conference in Washington D.C.

    Currently our Facebook page has reached people in 150 countries outside the United States, and we have followers on Twitter from around the world, too!

  • At the start of this year Still Standing made a big move by adding new members to the team:

    Brittany Estes, Social Media Director

    Roy White, Web Developer

    We’ve also added three other members:

    Nikki Wolvert-Feller, Director of Outreach

    Kristine Irwin, Director of Communications

    Kate Weber,

    All of Still Standing’s members’ titles are informal. Each of them (all of us) volunteer their time and talents because of their collective passion to help and belief in Still Standing’s mission. We’re looking forward to where our collective passions and talents will take us!

  • Still Standing is always working to better itself so that we can continue to celebrate and empower survivors. We are currently working towards the incorporation of Still Standing into a non-profit organization, increasing our recognition and participation, and working to partner and collaborate with other like-minded organizations. Have any suggestions? Contact us!

Latest Survivor Stories

Below are our most recently shared survivor stories. Please be mindful of your emotional capabilities when reading as these stories often contain upsetting content. Otherwise, please read on and leave some positive feedback. All survivors deserve praise and encouragement!

*If you are interested in sharing your own survivor story please feel free to share here*

Meet the Team!

Each of the people below have come to Still Standing because of a collective passion for helping and a firm belief in Still Standing’s mission. Currently, they all volunteer their time and talents for the same reasons. Please take a moment and get to know them. They are here for you!

  • Aeriel White
  • Brittany Estes
  • Nikki Wolvert
  • Kristine Irwin
  • Roy White

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