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The hardest thing I’ve had to accept and own along my journey is that I will never be the person I was before trauma shattered my world.


10 Tips for Friends and Family of Sexual Violence Survivors

A collaborative effort by Kristine Irwin and Nikki Wolvert-Feller.   Regardless of how advanced our society has become, rape hasn’t become a subject that is easily discussed in public. And while sexual assault is often used for its broader definition and to lessen triggers, media outlets have often times substituted sexual assault when rape was …


Beautifully Broken

Broken Adjective: having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order Broken. Things. Things get broken. A plate left to you from your Grandmother. A necklace from your loved one. My favorite giraffe knick-knack knocked off the shelf I told my son not to run past. Broken in pieces. …


Hit Send

We at Still Standing were challenged to find someone who helped us through the journey from victim to survivor, and ask if there was one thing that person learned that could help others who are still in the midst of travelling with someone on the same journey. This wasn’t an easy task for me because …



Music and its lyrics are known for their impact on the brain. Here’s what Taylor Swift’s “Clean” suggested to one of our staff members: Share This:


The Panic Sets In….

Yesterday, I was asked if I could – and I quote – “please stop with the posts about being raped and sexual assault in general (not the first time I’ve asked). We all get it – it happened to you. Well, I’m sorry it did, but I don’t like being reminded of it when I’m …