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10 Tips for Friends and Family of Sexual Violence Survivors

A collaborative effort by Kristine Irwin and Nikki Wolvert-Feller.   Regardless of how advanced our society has become, rape hasn’t become a subject that is easily discussed in public. And while sexual assault is often used for its broader definition and to lessen triggers, media outlets have often times substituted sexual assault when rape was …


To the Young Man Who Raped Our Daughter at College:

Tonic Immobility. We bet you do not know what that is. If you did, you would know that our daughter’s temporary paralysis was a result of you sexually assaulting her. To freeze was her response for the sake of survival when faced with the fear and physical restraint you put on her. We think you …


Hit Send

We at Still Standing were challenged to find someone who helped us through the journey from victim to survivor, and ask if there was one thing that person learned that could help others who are still in the midst of travelling with someone on the same journey. This wasn’t an easy task for me because …


I Stand by Still Standing

Empowering survivors through their stories. As simple of an idea as it is, it is also one of the greatest. Since learning about Still Standing, I have loved the mission. Not only can a survivor’s story empower themselves, but a survivor’s story is one of the best ways someone who hasn’t experienced sexual assault can …


Why I Stand with Still Standing

Marketing Director Joshua Jones feels more men should be involved in causes like ours. The following content is re-posted from his blog with permission.   About a year ago, I began volunteering with a group known as Still Standing. I, along with a group of other like-minded individuals, chose to give whatever time we could to promoting awareness …