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#MeToo… A hash-tag that became the #1 trending topic on Twitter on Sunday night. It’s vagueness became something powerful as sexual assault survivors from all over the world shared their stories of abuse and harassment. Actress and activist Alyssa Milano was the author of the tweet that turned Twitter into a communal outlet for sexual assault and harassment …


Indian Social Enterprise Empowers Women – Includes Survivors of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence

By Prateek Modi | Guest Blogger “You thought I’d be weak without you, but I’m stronger…  …You thought I’d be broke without you, but I’m richer. Thought I would be helpless without you, but I’m smarter. You thought I would die without you, but I’m living.” – Survivor, Destiny’s Child     ‘Empowerment’ starts with realizing …


“It’s Not ‘Forced Heroism'”

*This was originally posted on my blog, but is being re-posted here because of the subject matter. ~Aeriel, Creator and Executive Director* Over the last three days I’ve been contemplating an article titled “The Forced Heroism of the ‘Survivor’”. One part of me is seething. The other, whether it was my days as a reporter …