Women’s Empowerment Week – Aliya Waldman


12442852_904394286345780_1541258484_nAliya Waldman is Social Media Director Brittany Estes’ third Women’s Empowerment Week pick! Brittany’s third pick was an easy one because, “I see her amazing photographs daily, and I was so inspired by her diverse group of models. She’s featured models of all sizes and color, so I am excited to see how she’s going to change the industry.”

You can view her photography here and here.

1.) What is your current occupation and/or any recent volunteer work, advocacy groups, you’re involved in or support?

Fashion/portrait photographer, coming up on my 6th year as a business!

2.) What is the most rewarding part of your career/volunteer work?

Honestly- allowing people to see themselves in a new and fantastic light. Anybody who has shot with me will tell you I have a propensity to get excited over the way someone looks in a photo and I won’t shy away from jumping up and down, running over to the model, and showing them the back of the camera to see for themself. Seeing a person light up because they found new beauty in their own face is the coolest thing I could ever witness.

3.) What inspired you to follow through with your volunteer/career choices?

I worked two jobs for a while. I ran my photography business part time, but I also worked full time in sales. This was so incredibly stressful and I wasn’t as happy doing anything but photography. I thought to myself- I can’t waste years of my life doing something that I’m not 100% happy doing, so I saved up some start-up money and took my photography business full time! I have had such an amazing support system -from friends and family to mentors who have shown me the ropes over the years. I’m also forever inspired by all of the female photographers I have had the pleasure of meeting all over the country. Their success is so uplifting!

4.) What is a quote you like or a word of wisdom you often impart?

Do not compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20! Someone will always be ahead of you, but the best thing you can do is praise them and learn from them to reach your own goals.

If you’re interested in powerful photography that celebrates the female form in all of its many stages and chapters, please check out http://www.abeautifulbodyproject.org/…


I once was lucky enough to have my work on this site alongside some truly brilliant photographers!

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