Women’s Empowerment Week – Francesca Mirabella


12325645_10205586190120714_523130832_oFrancesca Mirabella is Executive Director Aeriel White’s first pick of Women’s Empowerment Week. Having seen her in action during a part of her journalism career, Aeriel chose to feature Francesca for her determination, passion, and selflessness, but more so for her vulnerability. “Francesca has exquisite character. She is kind, talented, and strong-willed, but can willingly be very vulnerable. It’s just another way she shows her strength!”

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1) What is your current occupation and/or any recent volunteer work or advocacy groups you’re involved in or support?

Currently I am head of marketing at a corporation locally in St. Louis and I am also one of the host on a diversity based television show called Sister2sister Nationwide Girl Talk. Recently, after graduating college, I started working with a real face modeling agency to promote positive body image. I have also spent the last few years volunteering at the Saint Louis Crisis Nursery.

2.) What is the most rewarding part of your career/volunteer work?

There is nothing better than being able to understand and empathize with others. I was lucky enough to be blessed with a big, crazy, Italian family and I feel like when I meet new people I connect with I am simply extending a dose of where I came from. I’ve worked in media for the past 4 years and have covered events that affected people in different/serious ways (especially Ferguson and the Venezuelan food crisis). I have had the opportunity of informing others and promoting positivity within my community through media.

3.) What inspired you to follow through with your volunteer/career choices?

I guess you could say my competitive spirit came from my hiphop dance team days but I have always driven myself and that is the best way to do it! Along with self-motivation, mentors play a big part in what behavior I partook in. I loved meeting new people but I never comprised my core values. Of course there were times when the media industry felt hopeless to pursue or distractions would lead me off course, but kind-hearted people always gave me the best advice.

4.) What is a quote you like or a word of wisdom you often impart?

My mom always stressed the importance of self-acceptance and how too many people self-destruct searching for it. I think now, more than ever, it is crucial for young woman to feel in love with every bit of themselves. I have met the most amazing people who have gone through it all, which has made me appreciate resilience more and more each time. Thank you to Aeriel White and Still Standing for supporting so many survivors. I am happy to call you family!


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