Women’s Empowerment Week – Mya Canty


myacantyMya Canty is Marketing Director Josh Jones’ second pick of Women’s Empowerment Week! Josh picked her for “her work with kids, positive attitude, and her outlook on life. She’s extremely caring and uses her time for bettering anyone she comes info contact with.”

Mya is an Americorps member at Overfelt High School in San Jose, CA serving as a near-peer educator: tutoring and mentoring 9th graders in English and Biology. She is also a classroom facilitator, the assistant cheer coach for the schools’ team, and an after school tutor.

“The most rewarding element of what I do is being apart of these young people’s lives. Having them come to me for help is an awesome feeling: whether that be homework help and personal/social advice. I really adore those moments where we just get to talk about culture, music, the world and our lives”

Mya attributes her passion for working in education to her upbringing in St. Louis.

“Seeing young people where I’m from feel like they have no voice is my inspiration. I plan to be a part of changing the game when it comes to youth education and development. I truly believe in the power of young people. Being from Ferguson, I saw and was a part of that first hand. Young people of color, esp. Black youth (and if when want to get even more specific: those who are female and/or queer) are so the most disrespected, disregarded and abused, YET we UNAPOLOGETICALLY held the capability, resilience, and competence to spark a movement that has shaken, woken, and influenced the entire world. My word is to not be afraid to challenge yourself. When you challenge yourself, you’re actually challenging systems, ideals, and the world. When you do this do so ferociously and unapologetically, in turn, you’re forcing others and the world to grow, which is love.”

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